Lean Pursuits

Lean Pursuits is about building solid foundations for your future. To do this we concentrate on “basic stability.” Basic stability is like the groundwork done before footings and foundations are poured for a building. Without stability, the foundation moves and shifts, causing the building to degrade. The same degradation happens in continuous improvement, without establishing a solid base. Lean Pursuits helps build this solid foundation, so improvements are sustained.


 4M's are the basic categories to concentrate on for stability:

  • Manpower - Enough well trained workers?
  • Machines - Reliable to meet customer demands
  • Materials - Enough but not too much to meet needs
  • Methods - Work standards and instructions followed


Gaps in these categories, create unstable processes. These less predictable processes are harder to improve. By stabilizing these four elements, improvement efforts generate bigger impacts. Once stabilized, additional change efforts become more sustainable.